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COVID-19 - HUB - Very Important Info regarding Entry Requirements and Protocols
As we prepare to welcome guests back to Rhodes, our focus is ensuring that our properties follow the health protocols outlined by the Greek government under the Health First Tourism initiative. Check out the information below to see what may have changed in order to keep you safe this summer. Even more importantly, please check all the entry requirements into Greece and for returning to your home country. Failure to meet requirements may result in a hefty fine.

What COVID Testing is required for entry into Greece and return to the UK


If you have received your 2 doses of vaccine more than 14 days before your arrival, you will simply need an approved vaccination certificate either in paper format or via the NHS App or similar. 

For those who haven't received their jabs, then you  are required to have a negative PCR certificate from a testing laboratory, for a Covid-19 test taken no later than 72 hours before arrival or a negative antigen (rapid) certified test  no later than 48 hours before your arrival 

The NHS App (not the Covid Track and Trace one) can be easily downloaded onto your SMART phone. The vaccinations will be updated into the App along with a QR Code.  If you do not have a Smart phone, please call 119 for a printed version.  Please allow at least 7 working days for the paper version and for your phone to be updated. For other countries, please check for an approved Vaccination Certificate with the relevant government body.  

Without a Vaccination Certificate, this test is mandatory for all travellers (including children over the age of 12), regardless of the epidemiological situation in the country of departure.



Every traveller who arrives in Greece, regardless of a Vaccination or PCR or Antigen Certificate, may undergo a random health screening.  

To check which countries are allowed entry, please visit the Greek Government website for travel  where you must also complete the PLF at least 24 hours before departure.   Please see the separate section in the FAQs for completing the PLF



Please check the up to date information on the UK government website for more indepth information

If you are vaccinated

- you do not need a pre-departure test

If you are not vaccinated

- You must have proof of a negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test to travel to England.

You must take a test even if:

  • you’ve been vaccinated
  • you’re traveling from a country on the green list 
  • you’re a UK citizen

You must take the test in the 3 days before the flight which you will arrive in England departs.

For example, if you travel directly to England on Friday, you can take the test on or after Tuesday and will need to have the negative result available before boarding on Friday


The test must meet performance standards of ≥97% specificity, ≥80% sensitivity at viral loads above 100,000 copies/ml.

This could include tests such as:

  • a nucleic acid test, including a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test or derivative technologies, including loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) tests
  • an antigen test, such as a test from a lateral flow device

You are able to organise a test at the Lindos or Pefkos Medical Centre  who will do a rapid antigen test with certificate for a discounted price of 20-25 EUR*

*20 EUR available in office hours Monday-Friday 0930-1630

*25 EUR for outside of office hours/weekends

You must get an Exclusively Lindos discount card from the rep in resort to qualify for this price.  


Lindos Medical Centre is next to the main church

Pefkos Medical Centre is above Jasmine's Bar on main street (near to taxi rank)

Please email in both instances or call 0030 22330 33160 

If you require a PCR test then this will be 60 EUR in the clinic or 70 EUR if called out to a hotel.  

We strongly recommend arranging this as soon as you arrive in resort to ensure you have secured an appointment.



Before you travel to England you must:

From 24 October you can use either a lateral flow test or a PCR test. You can book these from 22 October.

You will need to enter your COVID-19 test booking reference number on your passenger locator form.

If you will be in England for less than 2 days you still need to book and pay for a day 2 COVID-19 test.





This is what you need to do if you do not qualify under the fully vaccinated rules for travel to England.

Check this section of this guidance to see if you qualify as fully vaccinated.

Before you travel to England – not fully vaccinated

Before you travel to England you must:



Children of all ages who are resident in the UK, or in a country with an approved proof of vaccination, do not have to quarantine on arrival in England. This applies whether the child is vaccinated or not.

If they are aged 4 and under they do not have to take any COVID-19 travel tests.

5 to 17 year olds:


  • do not have to take a COVID-19 test before travel to England
  • must take a test on or before day 2 – arrival day is day 0



The government has approved testing providers for Day 2 and 8 and Test to Release schemes

Please visit the website here to find an approved testing provider.

Here's a couple of tried and tested suppliers
Dante Labs 
PCR test                   39 GBP 
Lateral Flow test       20 GBP 
Randox Health 
Use Test 21 as tthe discount code  
Lateral Flow Test     21.50 GBP         
PCR Test                 43.00 GBP                    
For Randox, sample return is by Dropbox or DX Courier so please check that you have something near to you before ordering.  
You must book the tests before returning to England as you must provide the details including the reference number for your tests in your PLF     

You are not able to use any free NHS tests for travel purposes 

Tests are booked directly with the provider and EL cannot accept any responsibility for the service/results you receive. 


**If returning to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland


There are different Covid rules if you are entering



Northern Ireland


For all other countries, please check your government website.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the requirements of your destination country.


Quick Checklist for Holiday Departure


  1. Rapid Antigen Test within 48 hours or PCR Test completed within 72 hours before arrival into Greece with Certificate OR Vaccination Certificate with QR Code, detailing 2 doses taken more than 14 days before arrival either in printed format or on your phone. 
  2. PLF Form completed 24-48 hours before arrival into Greece (printed format or on your phone)
  3. PCR Tests booked for return (see separate FAQ section on testing)
  4. Pack masks, sanitising wipes and/or gel
  5. Travel Insurance should have been done at time of booking, but if you haven't done it yet, click here to do it now 


We recommend printing your documents as it makes it much easier for you and the check in staff.  Get yourself a plastic folder and include following

Departure to Greece

  1. Boarding Passes
  2. Vaccination Certificate or Test Certificate
  3. Greek PLF Form with QR Code (one per household)
  4. Transfer and/or Hotel Vouchers if required


Departure to UK

  1. Boarding Passes
  2. Vaccination Certificate 
  3. Test Certificate (Antigen Test completed in resort) (From 4 October 21 0400 hours   you will not need a pre-departure test ) 
  4. UK PLF Form - one per adult.  This must include the reference number of your Day 2 (and 8 if non vaccinated) PCR Tests 



Do I need to complete a PLF before returning to the UK?

Before you travel to or through the UK, you must complete this form.


The Home Office and Public Health England will use the information you provide, to contact you if a passenger on your flight tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Each passenger travelling in a group must complete a separate form. If you are travelling with someone under 18 years old, they do not need their own form, provided you:

  • will arrive and leave together
  • will stay at the same UK address
  • add their details into your form



You will need:

  • your passport information
  • your travel details, including times and dates
  • the address where you will stay  in the UK (or home quarantine if applicable)
  • your reference number for PCR tests booked with a government approved provider 

You cannot submit this form until 48 hours before your arrival time in the UK.


For all other countries please go to the relevant Visa and Immigration page on your own government's website 

What's the rules on wearing masks?

As you will need to wear a mask when traveling from your home and in resort, we suggest that you bring your own supply of fabric or disposable masks.  There will be a small emergency supply at each villa/hotel complex and whilst they are available in all local supermarkets, the increased demand may mean supplies are limited.

As of 0500 hours on 24 June it is only mandatory to wear a mask inside and outside in crowded areas.  

A dispenser of sanitising gel will be available at each villa/apartment/hotel and we ask that you use this each time you enter and exit the villa/room/apartment.  We recommend packing some antiseptic type wipes to bring with you that you can keep in your bag/pocket at all times. 

Áre bars and restaurants operating as usual?

As of 1 June 2021, bars and restaurants with open areas will operate with social distancing restrictions. 

The nightly curfew has been abolished as of 0500 hours on the 24th June 2021

How do I complete my Passenger Locator Form (PLF) for entry to Greece?

The Greek Government have introduced a Passenger Locator Form that must be completed in order to entry the country.   It is a simple form that will ask your name, age, home address, temporary address (ie your hotel/apartment/villa), arrival date, flight number etc. 
  • You are required to complete one per household, however, some airlines have asked for one per adult.   THEREFORE, we advise that for families with  children under 18, you complete one per household.  For couples and friends travelling, complete one per person.
  • When completing as a family, please add as FAMILY MEMBERS and not as travelling companions.  Simply click the "add family member" button as many times as you need for the number of people
  • When completing individually, if you are travelling as a group, then simply add one person as a travelling companion to ensure everyone is cross referenced for track and trace purposes.  
  • Permanent address is your home address.  When adding your postcode, do not leave a gap, eg KT190AD as the form doesn't accept gaps
  • Temporary address is where you are staying in Rhodes
  • We do not  have street names in the villages, so you simply use the village or district as the street name; eg Apostolos Studios, Lindos Village, Lindos, Rhodes, 85107 or Villa Amara, Navarone Bay, Lindos, 85107, Rhodes.    In most cases the address is on your online booking confirmation for reference. 
  • Zip codes are as follows - Lindos/Pefkos 85107, Lardos/Kiotari/Gennadi 85109, Rhodes Town 85100
  • You will receive a confirmation email once submitted so please keep this for reference and forward to us so we also have a record at this email address.   
  • At approximately midnight Greek time (2200 hours uk time)  you will receive another email with a QR (Quick Reference) code and your completed PLF.  You can keep this on your phone or print the PDF.
  • The QR code will be checked both at your departure airport and on arrival in Rhodes
  • Random testing is then done on arrival and is likely to be one in the party if a large group.  It is a simple and quick swab
  • If tested you are simply asked to social distance as normal for 24 hours 
  • If positive you will receive a text message and further instruction 
  • Please be very careful when completing the information and ensure that there are no spelling errors in names, names including middle names match passports, flight numbers are correct etc.  One mistake could mean you are denied boarding.  It is a simple form, but please take your time completing it.  


  1. PCR Test completed within 72 hours before arrival into Greece with Certificate OR Vaccination Certificate with QR Code, detailing 2 doses taken more than 14 days before arrival either in printed format or on your phone. 
  2. PLF Form completed 24-48 hours before arrival into Greece (printed format or on your phone)
  3. PCR Tests booked for return (see separate section on testing)

Will there still be a hospitality tray or welcome hamper service?


Government guidelines have said that we must remove our usual hospitality trays including tea, coffee, sugar and milk sachets.   We suggest that you either bring your own emergency pack with you if having a cup of tea on arrival is important to you.  Alternatively, you can order shopping from ABC online to be delivered prior to arrival where they will operate under strict guidelines in line with health protocols. 



If you are staying in a villa with a complimentary Welcome Hamper included, then this will be delivered by ABC who will operate under strict guidelines with the use of protective clothing.  There will be minimum handling with items put in fridge where needed and other items left in a box/bag. 



In previous years, we have left items such as oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar, herbs etc in the cupboard which may have been bought by previous guests or the owner.   These will need to be removed and so bear this in mind if you are doing a supermarket order for your arrival or wish to pack some condiments

Will my flying experience be different?

In order to check whether your flying experience will be different this year, please check with your relevant airline


Here's a few useful links








What happens when I arrive in resort?

If you are staying in Lindos Village, in most cases you will be met by our Representative at Entrances A (Main Square), B (Stavri Square) or C (San Stefano Square).  Information will have been sent prior to your arrival.  Please don’t be offended if they don’t offer to shake hands or hug you as they normally would.   They will escort you to your accommodation and assist you with entry into the accommodation.  

If you are staying in a villa outside of the village, then you will receive directions and check in instructions for self see in as normal.  

If you are staying in a hotel outside of the village, then your hotel may be offering an online check in service to avoid crowding at reception.  Details will be sent in advance where applicable.  

We ask that usual social distancing rules apply when meeting our staff or hotel staff


Our luggage transfer service in Lindos on Wednesdays and Saturdays will not be operational until further notice to avoid handling of client’s luggage.  You may wish to bear this in mind when packing if you know that you are in an elevated position in the village.


What differences may there be within the accommodation?

Villa Information Books/Guides/Leaflets

Where information books or sheets have a wipeable cover these will be left in the property.  It may be that other leaflets have been removed, so please check with us for your own copy or links to relevant information online.  


Soft Furnishings/Decor

You may find that some cushions, throws and other decorative items have been removed from the villas/rooms which were seen in photos when you booked.  This is purely to ensure that it is easier to maintain the cleanliness guidelines in line with government protocols and should not affect your comfort or enjoyment.


Sealed Items after Disinfecting

In some cases you may find that remote controls for the TV and air conditioning have extra covers, cling film or have been placed in plastic bags on arrival.  This is purely part of government protocols for your protection


What difference will there be for transfers to resort?

The Greek government have put restrictions in place for the number of people allowed on a transfer for your health and safety.   These changes are as follows but can be updated at any time. 


  1. Buses will be operating at 65% occupancy, so if you have booked a shuttle transfer, you don't need to do anything as the coach company will adjust the load accordingly
  2. Taxis are allowed to take 3 people in addition to the driver.  If the group includes children or vulnerable passengers who need assistance, then it is possible to have 4 in a taxi. 
  3. An 8 seater private minibus can take 5 people plus the driver so it may be necessary to upgrade the minibus to the next size up. There may be a small fee for this but we will advise accordingly.

Health First Measures

  1. All passengers and the driver must wear a protective mask on board.
  2. All buses and taxis will provide sanitiser before entering


What changes are there with the Check in/out?

In order to comply with government guidelines and allow for sufficient time for cleaning, the check in /check out times will be as follows:

Apartments, Studios, Hotel Rooms

Check In            1500 hours

Check Out          1100 hours


Luxury Villas, Traditional Houses

Check In             1600 hours

Check Out          1000 hours


Where you are staying in a hotel, please observe any signage and social distancing rules in reception.  In some cases, they may offer check in outside of the reception area to minimise over-crowding.


Late Check Out

There will be limited late check out facilities this year, due to extra measures and time needed to clean.   If you are on a late flight and are concerned about having to vacate your room early, we recommend you book an extra night where possible.


What changes to the cleaning will there be?

The Greek Government have introducted a Health First Initiative which specifically includes cleaning and hygiene measures.  You may find that your hotel, villa or apartment displays their Health First Certificate so you know that they been trained on the new protocols.  Some apartments and villas under different tourist license and rental laws, do not require a Health First Certificate.  However in ALL cases, we have worked with the owners and our business partners to ensure that they adhere to the same protocols.  

Cleaning Schedules

Greek government health protocols have restricted the amount of time that cleaning staff can enter the property in order to protect both them and you.   

In hotels and apartments, daily cleaning will not take place and hotels that have turn down service or similar will remove this facility.

For village accommodation this may only mean 1 mid week visit with a sheet and towel change.  In some cases, the owners prefer to do a light clean every 2-3 days in order to remove the rubbish. 

For villas with pools where a mid week clean was included, this has been removed but a supply of linen or towels for a changeover can be requested.   

You will be advised on arrival what the protocol for your accommodation is including the day and time frame that the cleaner will visit.    

Most importantly, the cleaner will ask you to vacate the property to clean the rooms and is not allowed to enter the property if you are present.  Please note that he/she will not be able to return later if that time isn't convenient for you.

If you would prefer not to have a cleaner during your stay then please advise the representative/reception on arrival.  

Removal of Leftover Suncreens/Toiletries/Personal Items

Whilst this has always been seen as a perk for cleaners in recent years, we ask that you either take them home with you or dispose safely in one of the main green bins. 

Will we still have an in resort rep service?

For villas outside of the village, we will operate welcome meetings on request and our villa rep will make contact with you before arrival to arrange.  These will take place outside of the villa by the pool or similar to avoid entering the villa.   

For village properties, contact will be email, audio or video call until further notice.  This may change to our usual beach taverna visits for your convenience but we will advise on arrival if this is the case. 


Our office will be closed to the public but rest assured there will always be someone on hand for emergencies.   We ask that contact via phone/sms/Whatsapp is only made in office hours unless an emergency.  


If we have booked a package or villa holiday where we act as a retail agent and not the operator, ie with Jet2, Olympic, Solmar, then the representative service may vary and we will pass on any documentation we receive from them.     Please always remember that we are in resort, so can liaise with your tour operator representative to ensure you get the support you need. 

What are the regulations on swimming pools?

If you are staying in a hotel with a pool, there will be restrictions in place regarding the number of people allowed in the pool at any one time.   We ask you to respect these rules for your own health and safety reasons but also so that the property is not subject to fines for non compliance.


Only hotel residents are allowed to use the facilities and so where your Lindos village apartment was able to use Krana hotels in the past, this will not be allowed under the new guidelines. 


We ask that you use large towels to cover the sunbed and beds will be disinfected each day between client use.  Reserving sunbeds in advance by placing towels in the beds will not be allowed and can only be occupied when you arrive at the pool.  Please also do not move the sunbeds as they will have been placed strategically to comply with distancing measures.

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